At Europort 2019 we present our new portable measurement system that can be used to measure the fuel consumption of each vessel – in real time.
It provides instant insight into fuel consumption and is the ideal solution for adjusting or monitoring marine engines.

Fuel consumption instantly visible

With the help of our system you can instantly monitor the actual fuel consumption. That means that you can immediately see the result of your sailing style.

By using the data logging, it is also possible to monitor and evaluate for a longer period (for example, several weeks or even months).
It’s this flexibility that makes the Intercontrol Measurement System multi-usable, which has already offered the solution in various situations. For example:

  • testing a fuel additive
  • testing a new sailing method
  • tuning an engine after first installation or overhaul
  • checking whether fuel consumption falls within the specs

Easily measure fuel consumption

Our portable measurement set is extremely user-friendly and can be installed in no time. The set consists of:

  • A high-res display.
  • Two highly accurate and intelligent KRAL flow meters – equipped with flow direction recognition (pulsation correction) and a temperature sensors for density compensation.
  • Cables for installing the daisy chain.


To properly protect the high-quality equipment during transport, the measuring system can be supplied in a sturdy Peli case. It is also possible to install a fixed set-up with several fuel consumers and multiple displays. CUSTOMIZATION IS OUR STANDARD!

Making it more sustainable .. and sailing cheaper!

In terms of emissions, considerable progress still needs to be made in shipping; nevertheless emissions in the maritime sector must be halved by 2050 (compared to 2008).

In the Dutch Green Deal, that goal has been set even more clearly: CO2 emissions must be reduced by 70%. Despite the necessity of these goals, this changeover entails investment in new technology!

Our solution, however, ensures a win-win situation: it not only helps to make your ship or fleet more sustainable, but at the same time it also ensures a considerable reduction fuel costs. The reduction of fuel consumption results is Return On Investment (ROI) within a year.

By correct adjustment of the ship’s engine, enormous savings can be made in both areas. We are happy to assist at any time!

A practical example

We’ve already mounted our solution in quite a number of ships. More than 50 in the past year!

For example: one of our customers used top speed with a consumption of 100% around 7.6 knots. With the use of our instruments he now sails – with a consumption of only 25% – with an average of 5.5 knots!

By sailing “more consciously” not only lesser CO2 is emitted, but you’ll also save around 15% – 20% on fuel costs. The ROI in this case was less than 11 months for the complete system.

Our customers:

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