The draft of a ship is an essential factor in shipping; for the stability of the vessel, the accessibility of the waterway and also to determine the ship’s load. Our BD pressure sensors have been specially developed for this.

By mounting our pressure sensors directly in the hull and connecting this to our load meter (a computer with display) on the bridge, it’s easy to determine how much weight or draft the ship has.

Hydrostatic level measurement can be used for liquid level inside vessels or ballast tanks.

What can you expect from our pressure sensors?

Very accurate and extremely reliable under the rough conditions that are common to sea and inland shipping. And in addition to that, the extreme low maintenance and life time cycle costs.

There are different versions to choose from; stainless steel or plastic, but also a special alloy specifically developed for the shipping industry.

Our experts will configure the sensors for each specific application. The measurement therefore fits seamlessly with the application.

Next to the high quality, the sensors are available with all relevant and required approvals.

More information?

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